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  kanavos | a windows smartphone concept


kanavos is a study on smartphone design, exploring the visual interaction between hardware and software

a quick market & design-language analysis

the smartphone market is filled with devices characterized by their black, simplistic forms that in most cases fail to a) communicate their brand b) associate the operating system with their hardware and c) excite the market with elements beyond tech. specs, which for most of the customers mean almost nothing.
microsoft launched its latest version of its operating system, demonstrating a simple yet bold ui design. however, this rather iconic design, when installed in devices from manufacturers such as htc, samsung and even nokia, it loses a great deal of its appeal due to the irrelevant and generic design form language of their phones.

trying to quickly analyze the form of a mobile devices and their os, apple with iphone demonstrates the shape of fillet edged found on the design of the phone and on the design of the icons.


androind phones are the ones that demonstrate no consistency as there are many phone companies carrying this os as well as android offers numerous icons and ui environments due to the fact that it is customizable to an extend. yet no phone manufacturer tried to create a consistent ux android/hardware combination.


inconsistency is also found amongst windows phones as the exact same os is found in devices proposing a wide range of forms and designs that almost none “interacts” with the os. only some nokia designs visually do seem to take under consideration the colours and design of the os they carry.



kanavos | windows smartphone concept



kanavos suggests a bold industrial design through a number of vertical and horizontal contrast colour stripes, that is visually completed through the recent minimal but strong windows mobile user interface design. what is shown on the main menu screen, does not disrupt any more the design of the device but, instead, the black stripes of the windows os meet the ones of the hardware and thus the os becomes, in a sense, a bridge between the two sides of the device. everything blends and complete each other.
at the same time and beyond the looks, the hardware’s windows-(tiles)-design, serve a branding/strategic role as through it directly communicates the operating system this phone carries in contrast to the generic designs the vast majority of the current phone manufacturers offer.
finally, kanavos is proposing a new function by removing the “windows” button from the front-lower-center part of the device to its left and right sides in order to facilitate the easier access to this function while holding the device.

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