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  agostino bonalumi / bmw gina – concept car


following my earlier post about the similarities between the work of tamara de lempicka, frank gehry and the form of bmw (again) mille miglia, I come back with another juxtaposition of another concept car by bmw, the “gina” one, with the work of agostino bonalumi (b. 1935, italian artist –

bonalumi’s paintings are characterized by a 3-dimensional approach achieved with the insertion of objects – such as wood and wires – underneath the canvas, forming internal structure. he uses solid colors and it is this absence of color variety and tones that in the end leave the space to the ambient light and shadows to complete his works. the transitions between the 2 and  3 dimensions are the ones that finally infuse to the paintings, despite their simplicity, a sense of movement and therefore life.

similarly, bmw with its “gina” concept achieves a very similar visual impression. by covering the car’s framework with fabric, instead of the inflexible and pre-defined metal panels, the car’s final design is eventually shaped by this internal structure. Furthermore, in this case the structure is movable so the skin of the car, and therefore, no matter if the car is moving or not, it can still be perceived as a living organism – a piece of kinetic art.
bonalumi’s works and bmw’s “gina” are essentially both defined by their internal structures that in both cases is invisible and remains  mystery to the audience. however, the way these structures are designed and placed, create tensions on the covering textile surfaces that control the lights & shadows and consequently define shapes, forms, perceptions and emotions. This
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