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  anthony bourdain “no reservations-spain” / design thinking in … cooking


watching anthony bourdain’s show “no reservations” on youtube, I found 2 astonishing chefs. here is the story of ferran adria (chef at el bulli); a chef who’s referring to his cooking as deconstructivist* and his stated goal is to “provide unexpected contrasts of flavour, temperature and texture. nothing is what it seems as the idea is to provoke, surprise and delight the diner.

however, due to my poor knowledge on culinary culture I leave aside his achievements related to cousine.
what I find most interesting and design-related in his case is the way ferran has organized and runs his kitchen-workshop. first of all the space he is working is beyond of anything you can imagine as a traditional kitchen on the way of how everything is layout and organized. the staff not only does it include chefs (expected) but also a chemist and an industrial designer, demonstrating the meticulous attention he pays throughout the whole process of creating food. from the initial experimentations and research (the chemist) until the design of the food and the plate as well as the way the food is consumed (the ind. designer).
another interesting aspect of ferran adria’s work is the way he documents his ideas, recipes in addition to the visuals symbols he has created in order to create a common language with his team and simplify their communication. all this process reminds me of mind-maps, process/model-creation and corporate graphic design elements I have come across during my student and professional life as a designer. it was intriguing to see them into a deferent context other than the one of a design studio.
finally, a remarkable detail to mention is the fact that many tools are custom-designed for specific plates making the consumption of the food an even more memorable and exciting experience.

my writing skills are not sufficient to capture and present ferran adria’s work therefore it really worth the time to watch the short videos presenting him (really bad the quality though)

* just an attempt to juxtapose examples of the work of ferran adrian and the work of modern deconstructivist architects such as rem koolhaas, zaha hadid (also frank gehry but you can see his work in another post)

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