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  muse chair |

an indoor/outdoor chair for shang-ye industrial (taiwan) – idea 2013 bronze design award winner


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  ios application

this is a self-initiated, self-managed and self-funded project to create an iOS app based on the traditional greek, new year’s custom of cutting the vasilopita cake, as a platform to research and get hands on experience in mobile apps development.

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  kanavos | a windows smartphone concept


kanavos is a study on smartphone design, exploring the visual interaction between hardware and software

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  code2 – ipad cover | urbanprefer

code 2 is a new cover for the ipad for urban prefer (taiwan).

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  coin4 – iphone4/4S case | urbanprefer


coin 4 is a new case for iphone 4/4S for urban prefer (taiwan) – 2012 IDEA design awards finalist


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  3d printing : towards an open design approach

startups, internet-of-things, automation, wearable gadgets/technologies are only few of the hype terms that flood the tech-blogosphere for the past couple of years. however, no other technology or tech-phenomenon has raised more expectations about the future and the way that it will affect our lives than 3D printing technology. numerous articles and posts are published every day on this subject. some present 3D printing with great excitement some others appear more skeptical whether  this technology will revolutionize industries and our lifestyles  in the near future.
3D printing technology today is definitely cheaper and more “accessible-to-all” compared to the already 30-year old technology that industries, engineers and designers have been using extensively at a much higher cost. the first applications of this cheaper 3D technology are exciting, inspiring and open to any creative person (not just artists and designers). just have a look at these imaginative applications in healthcare, fashion, products, food and even architecture and marketing.
the aim of this post is not  to predict the future of 3d printing and give yet another opinion; as mentioned before, there are numerous articles on this topic reflecting all possible standpoints. however, since i have participated in various new-product-development projects as a designer / project manager and since i have used 3D printing in my professional career i wish to discuss how 3D printing appears to be evolving and how, in my humble opinion, should transform to something more than a technology for custom-mass-produced objects.

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  a retrospective on the role of design in technology/electronics companies


recently i have been looking information for a project (in progress) related to electronics, on the use of design as a strategic tool by companies active on this field. the research is not focusing only on modern companies, but instead is trying to trace examples from older enterprises that excelled on the way they managed design. despite the fact that some of these companies do not exist any more or their brands lost their glory, yet, they will always be some of the pioneers that combined vision – technology – design.

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  apple | porsche : product strategies and design practices


at first, these two companies, a computer company and a car company, may have few, if any, similarities other than the fact that they both are highly recognizable brands and that both have numerous fans and numerous “haters”.

nevertheless by examining a little bit their history and the way they structured their product strategies someone can find striking similarities.

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  stelios ramfos on disenchantment + design


stelios ramfos is a contemporary prominent greek philosopher. recently i happened to find online a very interetsing discussion he had on the greek tv about the current national and international social and cultural context. here i will just present some very basic points i extracted from this talk. if interested, here you can find the video (in greek).

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