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  businessweek – world’s best design schools


businessweek recently announced a list (no ranking though) of the 30 world’s best design schools that run programs supporting an interdisciplinary approach to design. i was really pleased to find out that all 3 academic institutions I have been during my postgraduate studies (for longer or shorter periods of time) are included into this list.

it was also an opportunity to retrospect and briefly reflect on my experiences and memories within the different social and academic cultures I lived.

domus academy – italy/milan

a blend of academic and experimental workshop environments in an informal manner / problem-setting approach / create new scenarios, change status quos / manifestation of visions / intuition and personality / communication and presentation of concepts and final projects – storytelling / the importance of image / branding (in a way i consider italians as the meastros of branding. maybe not in brand-theory but definitely they do know how to implement it to make star-brands) / aesthetics – detail / the mix of philosophy + art + design + business

delft technical university – holland/delft

the scientific side of design / cognitive science – how the brain works and how to break down problems / problem-solving approach / processes and methodologies / working with and creating frameworks / analyze contexts – the “big picture” / creativity throughout the whole NPD process / entrepreneurship / documentationreflection on actions

hong kong polytechnic university – hong kong

where design, business and technology meet / multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary approach / east and west mix in terms of lifestyle, mindsets and design practices / design research focusing on Asian context / insights about the fast paced product development and production in Asia This
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